Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

 Do you have puppies available or are you planning a litter ?

Please check out the page “Puppies” to find all information about current and planned litters, it's always up to date.

Our wait lists for the next two litters in 2022 and 2023 are already booked with 150 families in total. We are not accepting any new requests.

As soon as we're able to put new families on our list, we will post more information about it on our facebook page and right here on our website. Until then, our
contact form will remain deactivated.

Please do not contact us before we have announced that we can accept a limited number of inquiries again.

Please also note: We do not place our puppies on a first-come, first-served basis, we choose the families that make the best match with us and our puppies. Everyone has a chance!

 How do you raise the puppies ?

You can read everything you need to know about the unique way we raise our puppies on the page “Nurturing”. Also check out the pages “About us” and “Our breeding program” to learn more about our philosophy and don't forget to watch the two episodes of our TV-report from 2015 and 2016 “Our dogs on TV” – there are english subtitles available for both episodes.

 Can we visit you to meet you and your dogs in person ?

First of: We're no petting zoo. If you "just want to get to know the breed" and then buy a dog somewhere else, you're at the wrong place, because we don't do sales pitches for other breeders.
However, if you're aware that you might have to wait a few years for your dream dog, from your "breeder of confidence", and you are seriously interested in a puppy from our breeding programm, you can of course visit us. We like to meet a few of our future puppy families before the puppies are born. Due to Corona and the full wait lists for the next litters, it's only occasionally possible for us to get to know you personally, e.g. during a walk with the dogs. However, we only offer this to those who are interested in this year's litters. If you want to have a puppy from us at a later date, you have to be patient until the end of the year.

 Are the puppies vaccinated, microchipped, housebroken and get any equipment ?

We keep our puppies until they are 9 weeks old, at this point they are fully housebroken, got dewormed several times, received their first vaccination, got microchipped, and had their eyes examined by an ECVO certified ophthalmologist. They will be evaluated by our VDH-breed warden (German Kennel Club certified) and get an health certificate from our vet. When you pick up your puppy, you get a european pet passport, a copy of the eye certification exam and health certificate, and a carbon copy of the breed warden's report which also serves as application to register the puppy with the German Kennel Club (VDH), from which our puppies receive their papers. You also get a puppy folder with helpful hints & tricks, and important information about settling in, feeding, and training your puppy, all written by me over the past years. In addition to all the documents you'll also receive a farewell gift from us and a puppy-welcome-kit with the usual premium dry and wet food (incl. a solid measuring cup) for the first week, and also a bag of goodies and a high quality treat pouch for training.

 Would you keep a puppy a few weeks longer ?

We keep our puppies as long as it is neccessary to enable them a smooth move into their new home under ideal conditions. However, it is best for all involved, especially for the puppy, if you can pick up within the first two weeks of moving out to make it easier for the puppy to adapt to his new home and new lif with you.

 I am interested in a puppy, how do I inquire ?

Please fill out the “contact form” to be put on our waiting list and get notified about litter plans as soon as a female got bred.

 How long is the wait for one of your puppies ?

It usually takes 2-3 years to get a puppy from us, because we don't always have a litter every year. Some people are lucky to get a puppy sooner though.

 You have such a long waiting list, what are our chances to get a puppy?

Basically, everyone has a chance to get a puppy from us, even if you are at the bottom of the list. We do not choose on a first-come, first-served basis (although we do note the date of the first contact), but who's the best fit for one of our pups. Not every one who desires a dog of this kind is suited for the breed. Over the years, breeders develop a very good feeling for recognizing whether someone meets the basic requirements for a herding dog or not, regardless of whether you have a house with a large garden or just an apartment with a small garden area. The most important thing is that you know how to raise and train a puppy, and enable your companion a wonderful and happy life. In addition, everyone who gets a puppy from us also becomes part of our family, which is why we demand high standards on our puppy families and attach great importance to sympathy - if you have the opportunity to choose your family, you want to do it right ;)  

 What happens when a litter is born, how do you choose ?

As soon as a bitch has been mated, everyone on our waiting list will receive an email with all information about the mating (litter plans can also be found on our “Puppies” page), the expected date of birth and approximate pick up date. Everyone then has the opportunity to keep their name on the waiting list, to be postponed for another year, or to be deleted if there is no longer any interest. Everyone who is still on our list at the time of birth, will then receive another email with all information about the litter (which can also be found on our website), the date from which the first visits will be possible and all details on the further process. Everyone then has the option to have their data deleted, to be postponed for a year, or to tell us their favorites so that we can get a better overview, assign the requests accordingly, and then plan the visits. After we received feedback from all interested parties, we send an email with available visit dates to the remaining families. As soon as we can got an idea of everyone, we will announce our decision (taking your wishes into account) and send everyone a reservation contract, when signing the contract, a deposit of 500 euros is due.

 What's the price for a Mini American Shepherd ?

A Miniature American Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder currently costs between 1.800 and 2.300 euros, whereby you should always be careful where you buy and what you buy, even with a high puppy price, you should make sure the breeder is a certified Kennel Club member – I wrote a very informative text about this: “Why Kennel Club papers are important“.

We do not differentiate the price of our puppies by gender or color, our puppies are all sold at the same price. Families that already have a puppy from us have to pay less for their new Lost River puppy. For dogs that are going to be used for breeding, a breeding-approval-fee has to be paid, which is determined by the breeding quality of the dog at 18-24 months old and amounts between 1.000 to 1.500 euros.