... at „Lost River“ Miniature American Shepherds located in Wiesbaden, Germany! 


We started breeding Mini Americans in 2010. At first, under the kennel name "Lost Island", but since the recognition of the breed, as a member of the CASD e.V., affiliated to the VDH e.V. and the FCI, under the name „Lost River“.


Our pack currently includes our three girls Jenna, Malia & Yue, and our old Terrier Tino. Our first stud dog Charlie and the youngsters Caleb and Shadow are now living with close friends nearby. We also have two Bengalcats Mafumu & Vayetsi, and a rabbit, Pinto ( ¹⁶⁰⁶²⁰²⁰), living with us. All are fully-fledged family members, have friendly, pleasant characters and are living together in harmony. We do not have kennels or separate dog rooms, our dogs are house dogs, they live inside with us an can move around freely 24/7, and sleep in the bedroom with us at night.

All of our dogs are absolutely easy-going with humans & animals in every situation, whether if it's at home or when we're out and about. They don't get nervous and are very adaptable. It's like not having any dog at all, because they are so calm and relaxed that they neither make a sound nor bark. However, if you ask them to work, they are into it with full attention and their will-to-please, as it's typical for herding dogs – but remain silent.


We take them for walks in the forest several times a day, without a collar and leash, sometimes our cats are also joining us and attract everyone's attention. At the weekend we often go to the dog training facility and in summer we like to go to the dog beach and to go hiking in the mountains.

In our opinion "Aussies" – whether if toy, mini or standard – are the perfect companions for everyone who has a lot of time to satisfy the temperament of a herding dog; likes to be outdoors and can offer such an intelligent working dog the attention and affection he needs to be a happy and balanced family dog.

– Julia & Gabi Bettendorf



THE NAME  –  Mini Aussie or Mini Ami ?

First the Miniature Australian Shepherd had been registered with MASCA (Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America) and NAMASCUSA (North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA) not-recognized breed. Only after the AKC (American Kennel Club) accepted the breed in to their Foundation Stock Service (FSS) in June 2011, they became Miniature American Shepherds in order to get the international recognition. So the NAMASCUSA became their parent club and changed its name to MASCUSA (Miniature American Shepherd Club of the USA).

In July 2015 the
Miniature American Shepherd got fully recognized as an AKC herding breed.

MASCA and IMASC, the german DMASC and EMASCD, the US-registries ASDR and NSDR still register Mini Australian Shepherds only, thus those Minis do not get certified papers.

In May 2019 the
VDH (German Kennel Club) admitted the Miniature American Shepherd to the CASD (Club Australian Shepherd Deutschland). In September 2019 the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) provisionally recognized the Miniature American Shepherd as an international recognized breed.

Only Mini Americans from CASD-breeders get internationally certified pedigrees and come from certified breeders.  Why is this important?

Mini Aussie and Mini Ami are basically the same breed, they just have different names and are breed by slightly different standards:


  • the not kennel club recognized "Miniature Australian Shepherd" that can still be crossed with Australian Shepherds and comes in Toy, Mini or Standard-size;

  • and the internationally recognized "Miniature American Shepherd" that can't be bred to Aussies anymore (most countries) and whose size should be 14-18".